One-Click Trading

The FinPro "One-Click Trading" facility is aimed to simplify the order placement process within trading platforms, with clients able
to execute their orders with just one single click. This function helps to significantly reduce down the timing operation for trade executions.
Trades can open and close positions, set take profit and stop loss with only few clicks. "One Click Trading" is an ideal solution for traders
for whom trading execution time plays a crucial role, including scalper & news traders.

How to start with "One Click Trading"?

FinPro MT4

There are two ways to use the feature of "One Click Trading" in MT4 trading Platform:

  • Once you have downloaded FinPro MT4, go to "Tools" on the title bar of the platform.
  • After you get into the Tools option, click on "options"
  • Then click on "Trade" option and select "one click trading"
  • 4. Alternatively, you can simply right click on the chart and click on "one click trading"

FinPro Station

Follow the steps to use the feature of "One Click Trading" in FinPro Station Platform:

  • Once you have downloaded FinPro Station, you can go on to ′ Settings ′ icon on the title bar of the platform.
  • After you get into the settings option, tick on Click Trading to activate this feature. However, if you wish to deactivate it, you can simply un-tick the ′Click Trading ′ option.
  • When you activate this feature, you can easily adjust the lot sizes according to your own requirements
  • Once you have placed the order, you can easily set your SL and TP and can modify them as per their convenience.

How to use “One Click Trading”?

It shows the current Bid Price

It shows the current Ask Price

Number of lots the trader wish to buy or sell

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