Swap Charges

What are swap charges?

When an investor keeps positions open overnight after 22:00 GMT, a swap is debited or credited in to trading account based on the positions type one is having. Swap charges are calculated based on the interest rate differential between two currencies of the pair and is calculated based on whether you have buy or sell position

Swap calculations are done in the following way:

Swap = No. of Lots* Swap Points* Contract Size* Minimum Price Fluctuations* Days

Swap calculator:

To calculate the swap value, select the symbol, trade size and order type and click submit:

0.00 Current Price:
Swap Value in Account Currency
Swap Long


Swap Short


NOTE:As markets are closed on Saturday and Sunday, if investors keep positions open on Friday after 22.00 GMT, banks calculate the swap for 3-days.
An investor can directly see the swap charges in the instrument specification window of the trading platform

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